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Demeaning Step-Cousin: Invite or not?

Hi everyone,

I usually keep pretty quiet on here but I can't really go to any family members about this one. My aunt has a stepson who is in his early 30s, with a girlfriend in her early 20s. I've had several altercations with them in the year I've been planning for my wedding:

1) I saw them out at a bar in my hometown and they badmouthed my godmother (calling her crazy) and asked me when my brother (who I am extremely close with and who is in the wedding party) was going to "come out of the closet" and that he was a "metrosexual". I played it cool and told them they were wrong and walked away.

2) After I got engaged, the GF of Stepcousin told MY AUNTS that she thought my engagement ring was small, and that she is going to need a huge ring from Cartier to get engaged. (Mind you, she and Stepcousin live with his parents, and he is in his EARLY THIRTIES! My FI and I are on our own, supporting ourselves, with steady jobs. I love my ring and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world).

So now... invitations need to be sent soon, and I am debating on whether or not we need to invite them. I am inviting all my other cousins and so is FI. We are having a pretty small wedding of 70-80 people, so I want to be surrounded by those who support us - not those who demean us.


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