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Maid of Honor having affair... HELP

Okay, I'll try to get the important details of this and leave out all the other stuff...

My MOH has been having an affair for a year. I've only know about it for about 2 months and (even though her marriage didn't appear to be going well) I was shocked. I've never been overly crazy about her current husband, but he has never been rude to me nor done anything disrespectful, so I told her I felt really uncomfortable about it. I told her if she was unhappy, she just needs to leave her husband and stop all this running around business.

Before I met FH, I was cheated on and know how much that hurts. Worst part, her husband knows the guy from his gym and thinks they are buddies (ugh!). Anyway, given the situation of their relationship I only addressed the invitation to her (she told me she intended on coming alone before I even mailed it out and that she couldn't stand to be with her husband at my wedding -- yes, in hindsight I should have addressed it to Mr and Mrs, but I didn't---they aren't living together at this point)

So, MOH tells me she is going to bring new man (one who she is having an affair with who has a wife of his own) and I had no idea what to say. I said, do you realize there are going to be a million pictures and your husband is definitely going to see them (facebook)?? MOH says she does not care, but I do. I know it isn't my business what she does in her personal life, but I feel like this is putting me in a very awkward position -- I don't want her husband to feel like I am supportive of what she has been doing (as I said he's never done anything to me). I told her I think it is a shitty way for her husband to find out about this, especially since he KNOWS the guy.

What do I do??? She already stopped talking to me about a month ago because I gave her some advice which she didn't like regarding this whole situation. I know if I say he cannot come she is going to flip a fit. I just feel like it is so inappropriate and I'm afraid it is going to cause drama at my wedding that I quite frankly don't want -- it is going to be difficult enough keeping my parents from killing one another!

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