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NER: In and out of limo

I am looking at limo options for our big day and am wondering if it is hard to get in and out of the limo with a wedding dress on? My dress isn't a ball gown or anything but it's still long and flowy.

From your experience is it better/easier to get a limo that is SUV style or is a town car style fine? Any input from your experience is helpful! Thanks!

Re: NER: In and out of limo

  • Honestly it depends on your dress and height. I am tall and had a huge dress. Squeezing into a regular sized door that was low to the ground was not going to happen. Went the SUV route.
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  • We had a 1941 Rolls Royce and I got in and out of it just fine. I did have someone hold my train and bouquet and give me their hand but it's not like it took 5 minutes to stuff in me in there or anything.
  • It definitely depends on the dress and other stuff.
    I've noticed that the poofier or tighter the dress is, the more difficult it is to get out of the limo. But that goes for other functions, too, not just weddings.
  • I had a huge dress. I just sat on the end of the seat right next to the back door. I wouldn't try to be the first one in the limo.
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  • I think you'll be fine in either regardless of the dress.  I realize I haven't done it yet, but my dress is pretty poofy and I feel rather agile in it.  We have a regular (non SUV) limo and we've decided to take pictures in a few locations where I'll have to walk a slight distance.  Someone's gonna have to take the bouquet and help me hold my dress.  I'll probably bring different shoes for the walking part.  I'm not going to let a dress hold me back! 

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  • OP - my dress was much bigger than yours and I was fine. Just be the last one that gets in so people don't have to climb over you.
  • It honestly depends on if you're OK with lifting up the skirt a bit. I wore a mermaid style dress with a lot of fabric at the bottom, and was OK with picking up my dress a little bit for ease of movement. I actually like a lot of the pictures because it shows off my shoes.

    Here's how my limo getting in/out went:
    1. Scoop up the bottom of the dress in my hand clear of my feet so I wouldn't trip
    2. Hand bouquet to someone (usually DH)
    3. Get out of/into the limo
  • I think you should be fine, I highly recommend the sweep and scoop manuever the PP talked about. Are you bustling the dress? That may help. I wore a full on lace ball gown and our getaway car was my H's Miata. Our photographer helped me into the car at the church and then handed off the bouquet.
  • Is it just you & the groom in the vehicle or is the bridal party going to be with you? If it's just you I would say either vehicle would be okay but the SUV might be easier to get out of because it's more of just having to bend slighly if at all to get in & swinging your legs in.

    If you are having the bridal party travel with you get a bus. It's so much easier for the girls to be able to walk to their seats then to have to slide down the seats.

  • After looking at your dress, OP, I'm sure you'll be fine either way. 

    Here's the nonsense that forced me to forgo the limo:

    *sigh* so obnoxious, but it was so pretty.
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  • You'll be fine with a town car sedan, but I would stay away from a stretch limo.  They are impossible to get in and out of without crawling, especially if you aren't sitting on the bench seat.  If you have a choice, I think an SUV would be easier because of its height off the ground.
  • Long story short that involves a transportation fiasco on my big day, I got in and out of a stretch limo within 5 minutes in a very full skirted dress with lots of pickups and a cathedral length veil and it was not graceful by any means. As pp put it, "crawling" is a better description. Then I got into a vintage Rolls Royce and while getting in it was ok, due to the size of my dress I was stuffed in there like a sardine. I am a very small person and my dress was poofed all around me and I could barely move. There was nothing graceful about this either. However, the pictures in the Rolls are beautiful and that part was worth it. If you have any doubts, go with a SUV.
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  • This is why we rented a school bus...the idea of sliding on a seat in my big poofy dress was just not going to happen. I loved being able to stand and walk to my seat, and my bridesmaids likewise enjoyed that. Plus pictures with the school bus were fun.
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