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Is it rude to hold my wedding in a city 4 hours away?

I live in a smaller city (about a 300,000 population, if that) and there aren't very many good venues in our area.  They've all been done before and don't really reflect our personalities.  So, we looked around Toronto and we found a venue that we really like.  Both of our mothers are saying that it would be rude to make our guests drive all that way and have to pay for a hotel. 

Is it really that rude?  We're having a small wedding (70 guests) of only family and close friends, and ALMOST HALF are actually from the area we're looking into having the ceremony.  We were thinking of paying for lodging for those who have to drive from our hometown, but would it be rude if we don't?  Has anyone else done something similar to this? Thanks!
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