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Help- how do I say thank you to HUGE wedding gifts?

My MOH's dad printed our invitations as her gift to us. This included the actual invites, the RSVP's, Thank You cards, Bridal Shower invites, and Invites to the Reception only. 

My questions is what is proper to thank him? Do I just give a thank you card or should I include a gift card to his favorite restaurant? I was planning on it and his daughter thought that would be nice but informed me that when he printed invites for another wedding she was in, that that bride did nothing. Would it look weird if I do? 

When the main invite was printed there was some miscommunication between my designer and his print shop and the fold was put in the wrong spot and all 150 invites had to be reprinted! I felt TERRIBLE and this is one of the main reasons I want to thank him. I know he owns his shop and so it is not a HUGE cost to him and he even had one of his workers in charge of the printing but I feel like i have inconvinenced him and want to thank him. 

Any advice would be greatly apprecated. Another one of my bridemaids dad is going to be our DJ as her gift to us, so again I could use the advice in that situation too Smile

Re: Help- how do I say thank you to HUGE wedding gifts?

  • RebeccaB88RebeccaB88 Figment of Your Imagination
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    I think a heartfelt note and a nice gift card would be great, for both. 

    Reception only cards?  Um...
  • I would definitely get them a gift and a sincere letter thanking them for their contribuitions. 

    Our friend is doing our website for us and we plan on discretely giving him an envelope with some cash and a hand written letter thanking him for his help.

    You're very lucky to have people close to you with these abilities!
  • In Response to Re: Help- how do I say thank you to HUGE wedding gifts?:
    [QUOTE]I think a heartfelt note and a nice gift card would be great, for both.  Reception only cards?  Um...
    Posted by RebeccaB88[/QUOTE]

    Oh, shiit. 
  • I would go with your idea.  A heartfelt thank you letter and a gift card. Just because the other bride lacked manners does not mean you do too. 
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  • FYI - I think Reception Cards are fairly common in some circles.  From what I've seen, the invite is for the church ceremony only and the reception card has all the reception info.  It's not tiered, its just a different way to do stationary.  We are probably doing these and will be inviting everyone to both.  I would prefer not to clutter the wedding invitation with all the info for the reception venue.

    Now to the OP - I agree with heartfelt letter and a giftcard.  The invites may not have been at a significant cost to the father, but they definitely saved you quite a bit.  I don't think being extra appreciative is a bad thing.
  • I guess I will be all by myself on this when I say a gift does not need to be followed by another gift.  A nice thank you card (not one printed on the gifted stationary) should suffice. 
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    I would give a nice thank you note with a gift card. Anyone that saved me tons of money would be deserving something like that.

    I think the bride before who did nothing (not even a note) was rude & it was obviously noticed.
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  • LoopysevenLoopyseven
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    A gift card with a nice thank you would be great.

    OP - can you tell us more about your reception only cards?

  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey
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    My friend designed my invites, not printed them, but I still sent her a nice thank you card with a gift card in it. 
  • If you have it in the budget to get the gift card, it'd be nice, but not totally necessary.  Definitely write the thank you, and there are other things you could do to show your appreciation, if you wanted ideas other than the gift card.
    FIs aunt is paying for our flight to the honeymoon, and in addition to the thank you, we're going to make sure she gets a nice professional photo of us with her grandson (one of our ringbearers, who she is very close to).  We're also planning to get her a souvenir on the honeymoon.

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  • I agree that giving a gift for a gift seems funny. A really lovely thank you note and a framed picture of MOH and dad at the wedding would be a nice alternative gift rather than a gift card.
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    A very heartfelt thank you card would be perfect in this situation.  I do not think it is necessary to give a gift as a thank you for a gift.  Just sit down and write something nice and I think you're covered.
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  • I would definitely make it known that you are grateful, and thank them in person as well as send a thank you card. My grandmother gave me a HUGE cash gift, and I called her as soon as we opened the card, thanked her in person later and sent the card.
  • Thank you! That is a SUPER cute idea and I think they would love it, since both of her parents are invited. Smile
  • My fiance is in the millitary and has several buddies that he wants to invite, but we are paying for the entire wedding ourselves and had to set a budget. Another friend who is getting married shortly after us explained that she was inviting some people ONLY to the dance. These are people that you could easily take off of your list but would be bummed that they were not there to have fun and celebrate with you at the dance. So we are inviting them to the dance only, not the ceremony or the dinner. I have looked at a lot of posts about things like this and I know some people feel strongly about this but it fits for us. Our coworkers are the main group being invited to just the dance. 

    Some people question that if they are not good enough to invite to everything, why invite them at all. We in NO WAY expect these people to give a gift, but just want them to come, dance and have fun celebrating with us. The invite said....

    We invite you on ______ day at ___ time for an evening of music, dancing, and friends in Celebration of our marriage. 

    Then the location was listed below. 

    Thank you all for your advice.
  • A nice thank you note and gift card to his favorite restaurant is so nice. Nothing is ever "too much" for a thank-you. Think of when you do somehting nice for someone and never get thanked, it feels like they didn't care. I say you're being very thoughtful to someone to who was very thoughful to you.
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