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So I need help! Hubby and I eloped 10 years ago. We had zero family with us. We now 10 years later realize what we missed out on not having them there. Not to mention the hurt feelings from both sides of out family. We are renewing our vows in March 2012.

We want to renew our vows because we have had some rough patches and made it thru. We want our family and friends there to share in this special time with us.

My MIL is helping out so much with the planning (even more than my hubby at times), she is even buying stuff (and we tell her not to) but I want to include me dad. I am his first born child and daughter. I know walking me down the aisle is a "no no" to some and the father-daughter dance (even though I am still going to dance with my dad). What should I do? Is there a way to incorporate my dad so that we can have a special moment that we missed out on? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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