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What to do ab parent thank you's

Hi there, I am not sure how to thank my parents and FI's parents for their monetary contributions to our wedding.

About 2 years ago when we were buying a house, we found the perfect home but wanted to wait bc I was expecting an inheritance. The inheritance was taking longer than expected so my parents loaned me 20k and told me to pay them when the inheritance came in. It finally did and then I got engaged, my parents told me that they forgive the loan and to use the 20k that I was going to pay them back for my wedding. I thanked them when they sat me down and told me to keep the money, I haven't written them a formal thank you card.

In December my mother and I went dress shopping and she paid for my dress which I didn't expect, I wrote her a thank you note for paying and also for spending the day with me and the "experience" of wedding dress shopping and how much it means to me to have a mom who is into that kind of thing. 

My FI's dad gifted us about 5k over the weekend and his mom gave us 1k and told me she was planning to give us 1k every month until the wedding (the wedding is in August). His parents are together they just do some financial things separate. 

Our plan was to write our parents thank you notes and give them to them at the RD (which FI's parents are hosting) and we paid for albums for both sets of parents in our photography package. We are also planning to give them some sort of physical gift at the RD as well, we just don't know what yet since the albums won't come until later. Should we do more? Should we write thank you notes sooner? I don't want to write his mom a note thanking her every month until the wedding, that seems odd to me.

FI and I are very grateful that our parents will essentially be covering our entire honeymoon and wedding and we so appreciate it. I really want to thank them properly. Any thoughts/ideas are appreciated. Thanks ladies!
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Re: What to do ab parent thank you's

  • That is very generous of your parents.  I think what you're planning on doing sounds great.  I would recommend for a gift to give each set of parents a night or two away at a B&B, along with heart felt thank you notes.
  • *low whistle*

    Man, if my parents were doing that, I'd be kissing their feet.

    But I like PP's idea of a B&B weekend away.
  • my parents are paying for half my wedding.  I offered a B&B weekend and my mom said, "Don't be silly, we don't need anything blah blah blah."
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  • My parents have graciously paid for our entire reception and my dress.  We gifted them a restuarant gift certificate for a very expensive steakhouse and then one for a bar they like to have dinner at semi-frequently.  My parents like to eat out, so this way they have about 4 meals on us, with one being a really nice place. 

    I like the idea of the B&B weekend too. 
  • I think the ideas you already have are great. :)

    I would also write them a very heartfelt thank you letter and read it aloud at the RD.  And not just thank you for the wedding/hm money...but thank them for the gifts that they have given you that you can't hold in your hand.  Like the gifts of love, trust, encouragement...things that make who you and your FI are...and what you love about each other.

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