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Alix, be careful

This is what happens when you watch too many Vampire movies/read too many Vampire books:

Re: Alix, be careful

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    Well, I wouldn't want to hit a vampire either. It would probably total the car.
  • Amazing. I could totally get away with it if I said I was distracted by a sparling Adonis on the side of the road.

    Little batting of the lashes, a sweet, innocent smirk. Done deal.
  • I liked one of the comments on there that said "Duh, you can't kill a vampire that way!"
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    [QUOTE]I liked one of the comments on there that said "Duh, you can't kill a vampire that way!"
    Posted by kikibaby[/QUOTE]

    It was a Twitard. Guaranteed.
  • How was the movie?  I'm going on Friday, we just bought tickets.
  • The comments are amazing.

    That vampire was doing the same thing by standing in the middle of the roadway. That vampire was up to no good. It is obvious that the vampire had more in mind than breaking the traffic laws. I think he/she was going to commit a felony as well.


    I always run em stun them prior to driving the stake in to the "un-dead's heart". That's generally my MO.
  • It was, in a couple of words, bloody brilliant.

    I made a post about it, it's a bit down the main thread page here. So so so good, and even things I was nitpicking in the previews (ie: Jacksper's hair) were actually really good in the film. I'm going again Thursday.
  • investigators say there is evidence the woman was not taking her prescribed medication.

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  • I know, duh- Les.
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