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sticky situation! HELP!

I have a family we're inviting to the wedding that hasn't ANNOUNCED they are getting a divorce yet, but have told a few people that it's coming soon. Their children do not know yet, and we are getting ready to address invitations!

Should we address the invitation to them as a married couple? Or do we hold off on theirs until the last second and see if one of them has moved out/the divorce has been announced by the time we mail our invitations?

Thank you for your help fellow brides!!!
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Re: sticky situation! HELP!

  • I would hold off to address theirs last.  If they still haven't announced it when you're ready to send them out, address the invitation to them as a married couple.
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  • I agree you should wait a bit but don't panic because it's a pretty minor detail.

    My exH and I received wedding and other social invitations before we actually announced that we were getting a divorce.  It happens, you can't plan everything and anyone who is put out with you about something like this is pretty dumb.  Sorry
  • I was in a similar situation with a Christmas present. FI's dad/step-mom said they were getting a divorce a few days before we went to visit for Christmas. I didn't know what to do about the joint Christmas present (just something small). I still gave it to them. I figured they could decide what to do after I left.

    Are you close enough to the couple to wait until the last minute and then ask? Or ask someone who IS close enough?

    Whatever you end up doing--I think they'll understand this is a sticky situation (as your post title says), and you were kind of in a tough spot.
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  • Are you supposed to know about this impending divorce? Because if they know that you know, you could always ask. Otherwise, I'd address the invitation as though they weren't getting a divorce. Unless things change, of course.
  • I'd address it to them as married, because that's what they are.
  • Agree with Fated.  If you're close enough to them for you to have been given advance private notice, you're probably close enough to ask how they want it.  If you heard through the grapevine, address it using their status as of the day you mail it.
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  • Thank you ladies! Yes, I knew ahead of time, the wife has actually already filed for divorce, and I found out about 2 hours after I posted that they told their kids tonight. I'm going to hold tight until I see what the living situation is going to turn into, and how quickly it may turn. Then, ask what they'd like us to do!

    Thanks for the advice!!! I always know where to turn!
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  • My aunt and uncle are getting a divorce, but are still living in the same house. She's waiting for her new place to be ready. Don't ask me. I was sending STDs and I had no idea what to do. After talking to my grandma, I decided to hand deliver my aunt's STD and I will mail my uncle's. 
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