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I really have no clue when it comes to the etiquette stuff with wedding. And i guess my question will only get the response that is helpful if i tell the whole back story.
I'm getting married in Las Vegas in november this year. My original plan was for us to run away and just quietly get married. I talked with my sisters over the  plan for us to get married. Surprisingly they wanted to come along with my parents. So after that we felt it was necessary to talk to his parents and brother. I never imagined that any one would be interested in coming to our wedding so now the original plan and budget has changed dramatically. I have created a little itinerary booklets that I was going to send to our families with a little luggage tag. My FI wants to send these out to his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. He doesn't want to invite them because we just can't afford to have any more people but we both feel that it would be really nice to let our extended families know about our wedding in a formal sort of way. 
To me sending a itinerary of my wedding to people seems like a very tacky and inappropriate thing to do. 
I guess my real question is is there a good way to do announcements? Do we send before or after we are married? And what type of wording do I use? 

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