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I'm wondering about the receiving line and whether it would work to have one.  The ceremony is outside and about 20 feet from the door of the reception.  I can't figure out how to do it without it being awkward.  The wedding won't be so big that we won't be able to get round to all the tables and thank people for coming. Which is important.  We are having a cocktail hour while we do the rest of the photos and people will have a patio to go outside and have their drinks so they won't be that far away while we are doing photos and I imagine some interaction will happen also.

Has anyone had a similar situation and how did you deal with it?

Re: Receiving Line

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    We went table to table.  We weren't allowed to have a line at the church, and when we got to the reception, everyone else was at a cocktail hour.
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    :::leans closer to listen because she has a similar situation and never even thought of this:::
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    thanks.  Think I'll do table to table.  I personally don't like going through receiving lines.  Seems too stiff and I want people to go and start having some fun!
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    We're doing a standard receiving line.  I think if people line up for greetings, then you should greet them.  Saying hi twice isn't a bad thing.
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    When we left the arbor as man and wife, we walked across the yard and stopped outside the reception area and lined up for the receiving line. We greeted everyone on their way in, and then did some toasts to kick off the reception with champagne and then food.
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    We're not planning on having one, but since our ceremony is in a field sort of far away from the cocktail hour and reception tent I have a feeling people may hang around to congratulate and talk to us before heading back up.

    If that doesn't happen we will greet everyone at their tables.
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    If you go table to table, do you do this during dinner?  We're in a similar situation -- I'm trying to envision a receiving line.
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    Table to table seems like a great idea for your situation.  Good luck!
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    I was thinking of doing it at dinner.  It's not a very big room so it won't be difficult to see everyone and talk to everyone. 
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    I've been to a couple of weddings where the ceremony and reception were at the same place, but I've never been to a wedding without a receiving line. The two that stand out to me are my brother's wedding and my cousin's wedding. In both cases, they walked down the aisle after being married and then lined up at the back of the ceremony space but before the door to the reception. People came and congratulated them there. You will find that people will want to congratulate you right away, and a receiving line may form whether you plan one or not.
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