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Let's see where this ends up-- Morning!

What's everyone up to today?  I am working from home, but I just finished cleaning the house. Funny how it looked like a bomb exploded in here as soon as H came back from Thailand. *sigh*

Re: Let's see where this ends up-- Morning!

  • Good morning! I'm hanging out with my little zoo.  I found the kittens knocked almost everything off H's work area in the breakfast room overnight.  Sigh.  That period where they spent all day cuddling seems to be over, and now they are competing to see who can be the biggest a-hole.
  • Poor Harry.  I hope things are looking better by the time you have to take your e-pics.
  • Morning!  Rowdy kittens.

    I'm still feeling under the weather but well enough to take on the day, so I guess that's a blessing. 

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  • Good morning. I wish the weekend would hurry up and get there.
  • Harry, is it at all possible for you to do them a different day?

    I just went on an epically long walk. So much for work. Heh.
  • Good morning.  Harry, I hope things get better for you today.  I know I had a shiiity shopping experience prior to e-pics and didn't have an outfit that I liked at all, but our pics still turned out awesome. 

    I am ready to take a nap and it's only 6:45AM.  This may be a long day.
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  • Good morning! This is a P&R until the babies get to sleep. I'm about to head to work now. If N is already asleep when I get there I will be sorely tempted to exclaim I'm too sick for this and head home. If he's asleep already then the two babies' schedules will be off from each other by an hour and I'll get about 10 minutes to sit down all day. 
  • Good morning. I slept okay, but I kept dreaming of pew decorations. My coffee maker is being slow on purpose. I know it is.
  • Morning. I'm kind of tired. I was up late last night driving back from the concert (which was awesome) and then still woke up kind of early. I really don't feel like unpacking our suitcases right now.
  • Eags, if you're still around why are just the two of you working? Add to that family drama and I can definitely see why you're so stressed about work. 

    I don't think I like this universe. I know there's another one out there because I saw it this morning. This universe is dead. 
  • I'm finally up. Late night as wanted to watch the llightning. We finally got much-needed rain and hopefully it will cool it down for the day.

    Harry, so sorry you aren't feeling well on what's supposed to  be a fun day. 

    Mica, I chuckle about your kitties. They are such manipulative liittle shits, aren't they? Sucking us in with their cuteness and then BAM! A-hole city. 

    Eags, breathe! 

    TK was so nutty yesterday. I hope it's fixed today. 
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