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Etiquette for wedding party SO's

I haven't seen this come up yet and I want to make sure that I do the right thing by the SO's of our wedding party members.  FI and I will be doing a first look, and our bridal party will be coming along so we can get all those photos out of the way before our ceremony.  Our ceremony and reception are in the same location.  There will be transporation (most likely a limo(s)) to get myself and the BM's and groom and his groomsmen to the first look location, and then will take us from the first look to the ceremony.  Are we supposed to invite the SO's of bridal party members along to the first look and transport them in the limo with us to the ceremony/reception site?  Or is it approrpriate for the SO's to make their own transportation arrangements? 

On a related note, all 3 of my BM's plan on getting ready with me at the salon and my parents house.  2 of them are in relationships.........are their SO's supposed to be invited to the getting ready part?  I mean, I doubt they would come since watching 4 women primp and get their hair/makup done is probably pretty boring, but again, just want to make sure I'm not being rude to anyone if it comes up.

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    Hm....I haven't really thought about this but I imagine for pictures, it's just the wedding party (we're doing a first look too). I'm not sure what SO's would do for an hour while we take pictures.  I imagine that after the wedding, the WP will need a ride home so that's where the SOs driving themselves would come in handy. My BM's SOs all live close to our ceremony/reception site, so I was planning on letting them make their own travel arrangments, but I'm interested to hear what the majority thinks.

    I'm not inviting SOs to get ready with me and the BMs though - I don't feel comfortable  with the idea of getting into my dress with men in the room.
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    Thank you.  My other thought was that if the SO's get transported with us, how are they all going to get home that night or the next day?  So, excluding the SO's is probably best because then the SO's car will be at the reception site, or the hotel (we have shuttle going form hotel to venue).  We are considering doing our first look at a local vineyard, so it might be a fun place for the SO's to hang out if they wanted to come.  I think that if any SO's wanted to come to the first look and drink some wine/have snacks while we took photos I wouldn't object, but to know that I don't have to explicity invite them is good to know.
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    I think the SO's can meet you at the ceremony site.

    If your ceremony and reception were in different locations, it might be nice to not separate the couples and let the SO's join in on the transportation. But that's not the case for you, so no worries!

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    no need to invite SOs to any of the getting ready parts.  As a BP spouse I'd much rather sleep in, hang out with other friends/guests, go to the cocktail hour, etc. over watching the BP take photos.
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    I was invited to post ceremony party bus ride to the reception hall, FI was a groomsman for his Brother, and i got to hang out and chat with the other SO's that werent in the wedding, it was alright, but if I wasnt invited It wouldnt be a big deal. I'd have probably taken a nap in the car or something! lol.

    I wasnt invited to the pre-ceremony stuff, but that was ok since I didnt know my FSIL very well.
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