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My FSIL is nuts!

So, I get a call from my future sister-in-law the other day. She's super emotional about everything, so I wasn't surprised when she started crying, telling me that I remind her of her mother, who died 12 years ago. But...what did surprise me was when she straight up asked me why I haven't asked her to be one of my bridesmaids. How am I supposed to answer that?!?! I told her that with me working full time, and being in school full time, I just wanted to keep things as simple as possible, so I chose my own sister, and my best friend. It was so completely inappropriate of her to ask me that, and now I'm nervous to even be around her, for fear she's going to put me on the spot about something else. She's supposed to go with my mom and I this weekend to look at a couple venues. Any advice on how to politely tell her that she's not my bff, she's my fiancé’s sister, and that she needs to respect her boundaries?

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