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Internet Etiquette?

Hi ladies, I wanted to get some opinions on the issue of internet etiquette; specifically as it relates to info on a wedding website. 

Like most brides these days I created a wedding website to share info with my guests about the big day.  One of the pre-set pages was "Attendants" and I didn't think twice before I filled in the blanks and posted some photos of me with my girls, FI with his guys, etc.  This included our child attendants.  

Personally I feel like this shouldn't be a big deal; our website has gone out to our guests on STDs, but other than that is not linked anywhere, does not include last names for anyone, and honestly I can't find it using google.  Everyone in the WP has photos on facebook (including the kids on their parents pages).

I realize now, after doing a little research online, that I really should have explicitly asked for everyone's okay before putting them on the site.  I suppose in this day and age with everyone posting the minutia of their daily lives online we've become a little numb to it all. 

I've already taken care of the situation by reaching out to those involved, but I'd love to hear your opinions or similar experiences.  Maybe this will be useful to someone else who never would have thought about it.

Re: Internet Etiquette?

  • I think you're right to ask before posting and, if you post before asking, to take it down and then repost it if you're given permission.  While the people may have FB pages, they also may have everything set to super private, which your wedding website is not.
  • I actually forgot to even make up an attendant page on my wedding website; with that being said I think it was a good realization you came to.  Thinking about it now as I'm in the position of a BM, I would appreciate being asked to be included on the webpage if she decides to make an attendant page.
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  • You shouldn't publish info about people without their consent.  It's really not necessary to include an Attendants page on your website, anyway - it honestly doesn't add much for your guests who check out your website, either. 
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  • I really love that you went back and asked them all what they thought.

    I hate having my picture and and personal info plastered on the internet without my permission.

    My friend and I were actually JUST talking about that and how paranoid the internet has made a lot of people. With the news that people are literally getting fired over pictures, it's come to the point where people have to take extreme caution with personal pictures being made public. And, not for nothing, I don't want any embarrassing pics being posted of me, anyway.

    I admit, I worry about people who use their kids as their profile pic on facebook and wonder if they know how many predators in their area can see them. With all the personal info my friends with kids post up, their kids would be a perfect target for any creeper.
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