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To invite my niece or not to invite my niece that is the question

Ok so here is my issue my oldest brother has two little girl one that he sees and one that he doesn't do to her mom. I really want her at the wedding but , if I invite her someone has to come with her since she is only six. Her mother is married but, I dont want their whole family comming. I know if would be nice to invite the whole family but, I am still unsure. In six years of my nieces life I have maybe seen her a grand total of 10 times but, I'd love to see her more after all she is my niece. Her mother is kinda strange about this whole situation since my brother isn't complying with demands that would leave him in the whole each month our family hasn't seen her.  I want to invite her and only her mother but, since the issues that are going on right now I am wondering if it's right and I should. what do you all think?
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