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Does your FI ever...

...overreact when he's tired/cranky?

I really just need to talk to someone. My FI has had a long day and so have I. He just left in a huff because he doesn't like that I ask him to go grocery shopping with me. I don't think he understands that I'm not a mind reader. He calls it "complaining." I can't get things he likes if he doesn't tell me what he wants. This also goes for making dinner. I'm not that great of a cook and I never know what to make but he won't make any suggestions or make dinner for us if he has something in mind. Our exchange went something like this:

Him: Will you cook something for dinner?
Me: What would you like me to make?
Him: Food.
Me: What kind?
Him: I don't know. We have defrosted chicken in the fridge...[named something else].
Me: Ok, so I guess I'll make chicken?
Him: I don't care.

GAH! I need suggestions, something. All of this just happened so it's a pretty fresh argument but I just don't understand why he expects me to cook and grocery shop for the two of us without being willing to help. I hope it's just because he's grumpy. Our pantry and fridge are bare so I really need to go shopping but if I go alone I'm coming home with PopTarts and cereal.

How do your H/FI/BFs react when they're grumpy? Do they like grocery shopping? Who cooks more?
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