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NWR: Birthday Presents for FSIL & FBIL (kind of long, sorry!)

Hi Ladies...
I am really drawing blanks here... FI's brother and his wife both have birthdays this week and we are celebrating on Sunday.  FI is not really a help, he said "he will wander around the mall until he finds something" FSIL and I have had a "rocky" relationship in the past (long story short, she was jealous of my relationship w our FILs), but its getting better, and I am really trying to be the bigger person and make things good. I hate giving gift cards..

I like being creative and personal. She is due in June so I wanted to get her something she would really enjoy, baby related or not. I had a few ideas.. But not sure where to go with them. One idea I had was a prenatal massage gift certificate. Or making her a nice basket with spa like things she might enjoy... Or she loves scrapbooking, so I thought maybe some gender neutral baby scrap booking things? I really don't know what would be good. We spend around $50 for each of them...

For FBIL, he is really tricky, he is in the Marines, and loves the gym. Other than that, he really doesn't have many interests..

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
Again, sorry it was so long, and probably had more info than needed...

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