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I found The Little Chihuahua tonight, and had the plantain burrito.  It was SO good!  Thanks for the rec :)

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    Ahh I'm so jealous but I'm so, so glad you found it and were able to try it! I just found out we're going to San Francisco at the end of February, can't wait to get my plantain burrito.
    How is San Francisco btw?
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    It's kinda rainy and blah!  I was exhausted when I finally got to the hotel so I slept for a few hours, but eventually made my way out.  I walked around the little shops at the Ferry Building once I got back near my hotel, which was cool.  I am definitely still getting seems like there's a ton to see.  I think I might go to the oldest restaurant in CA tomorrow just to be touristy...
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    Ooh can I ask what hotel you're staying at? (you can pm it to me or wait until your home haha) San Francisco has such awesome hotels. Last time we stayed at Hotel Abri and while it was tiny it was amazing, great service. I'm sorry its rainy though. This is your first time to San Francisco right?
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    I'm at the Hyatt on Embarcadero.  It's huge!  Yep, this is my first time in California.  I'm pretty well-traveled outside of the US, but inside it, am missing a few key places most people have been.  Funny how that works.
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    Wow! Thats awesome, I can't imagine having never been to CA but then I'venever been to a lot of eastern states.
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