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how about we talk about guest etiquette!!!

so heres a vent for you guys and feel free to give me your nightmare guest stories

so my fiances cousin got married this past july and his aunt/godmother started asking him about our wedding at their rehearsal dinner. she asked "where are you getting married" and he said "the country club" and she flipped because were not getting married in a catholic church (my fiance isnt catholic btw and we didnt feel like doing all the classes you have to take if you want to have your ceremony in a catholic church).

so then she asks "well then whos marrying you?" and my fiance says "a judge" and she flips!!! "WHAT?!" (side note: her daughter was married in a courtroom by a judge) anyways, this judge is someone that my fiance worked for, its not just some random judge (not that theres anything wrong with that either)

moving on to last week, my FMIL called this aunt that lives across the country to let her know that were looking to have my shower in november (my wedding is in march) and she had a cow "why is it so early?" so we explained 1. were trying to catch people before the hectic holidays when everyones busy. 2. my future sister in law is pregnant with twins and they could be here as soon as december so with us not knowing when theyre coming, were trying to get this shower done and out of the way. and 3. the monster aunt will be here in chicago for another wedding so were trying to save her money so she doesnt have to fly across the country twice. is she grateful??? NO!!!

next, we told her that were having a child-free reception. its a st paddys day wedding and lots of drinking and i am a total worrier when it comes to kids. i dont want to constantly be worrying about whos driving which kids home and whos had how much to drink...yata yata no kids. plus id like my guests  to be able to come and have a good time and not have to spend the night chasing their misbehaving kids around. I am also offering former co-workers and aquiantances as babysitters. how thoughtful of me right? well i thought so.

now the big one...she has the balls to ask me why her inlaws werent invited to our wedding!!! not my family. not my fiances family. her freaking inlaws!!! umm im sorry last time i checked, this wedding was for our families and my parents were paying for it. shes not paying for anything so how dare she tell us who we have to invite??? she tells us "well we use every trip to chicago to see all of our family." well then you plan to be here for an extra day and you go to the city and see them. my parents are paying for my wedding not your freaking family reunion!!!

ugh! so anyways, theres my of now she hasnt said anything to me and i doubt she will because his family knows quite well that i dont care what people think. i am in no way a bridezilla but if this psycho keeps this crap up, im going to unleash the freaking demon dragon inside me!!!

now your turn...
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