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Re: Miss Manners, Thank you.

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    I love Miss Manners. I do not understand, for the life of me, the reason for hurrying up a wedding, knowing it's not what you want. I mean, have the wedding you want the first time around or accept that the choices you made are already made. And that person's comparison the people getting remarried is a huge reach. She's still married to the person she's with.
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    Miss Manners is a rock star.  Seriously.  I love that woman.
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    She is so much better than Dear Abby.   Dear Abby had a letter from a bride wanting to know how to let go of a bridesmaid.  Her reply was to let the BM know that due to financial reasons they were scaling back the WP and she would no longer be needed.  Really!?  Bad bad bad.
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    What pisses me off about fake weddings is "maybe we don't want presents, maybe we just want to experience that one day and feel like a princess... blah blah blah" OKAY so WHY oh why oh why would you do the "simple" way of getting married by a JOP? 

    If that big day is that important to you, you will wait and save for it to make it that much more special. Being an adult means making sacrifices and accepting consequences for our actions. I wince every time the big affair is called a "real" wedding. 

    This really needs to be a sticky. Not that anyone will read it and actually go with not having a PPD.
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    I love her.   I rarely disagree with a thing she says and IMO she's spot on in stating what is appropriate etiquette.

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    I saw this too, and was really impressed!  I also saw that Dear Abby article.  I kind of give her a bit of a pass because the girl was asking how to let a bridesmaid go without hurting her feelings.  And she's not allowed to smack people on the back of the head like we do :P.
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