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XP Your Favorite Bridal Shower Games Posts/Ideas (NER)

Anyone want to share their favorite bridal shower games posts from The Knot?

I've started to look for some but thought I'd outsource some looking if anyone has posts they thought were especially good (or if you wrote it!).

The Bride and WP all want games and I'm in charge, so I'm not being That Overeager Guest.

If it helps: We are going to be holding a cake/dessert/fancy apps shower at a historic home in fancy dresses in L.A.

Re: XP Your Favorite Bridal Shower Games Posts/Ideas (NER)

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    I was in charge of games for my boss' wedding shower.  We did a crossword puzzle of facts about her, him and them as a couple and then I also passed out this poem below to each table and had a gift for each winner...  

    This is game is really easy and I hope that you have fun,

    No one can tell who the winner will be until the game is done.


    Each verse has rhymes that will tell you what you need to do,

    They will lead you to the winner, perhaps it will be you!


    Roses are Red, Violets are blue…

    Now please pass this to the person who is to the left of you.


    Beth and Mark are counting down to their special day.

    We're all excited for them; it's not that far away.

    Now pass this on to the person with the most recent birthday.


    The bride is still preparing, for there are still things left to do.

    Now please pass this to the lady with eyes of brightest blue.

    But if there are no blue eyes, to be completely fair,

    You must give this to the person with the longest hair.


    We hope you all are having fun with rhymes in every verse.

    Now please pass this on to the person with the smallest purse.


    Wedding bells will ring real soon, and I Do's we'll hear them say.

    Now please pass this to the lady with the longest dress today.


    There are many binds in marriage; faith and love are the strongest.

    Now please pass this on to the person who's been married the longest.


    Gordon Road in Lyndhurst is where they will reside.

    Now please pass this to the lady who is the newest bride.


    Family and friends came here today from places near and far.

    Please pass this to the person who came furthest, very, very far!


    This game is nearly over and it's been fun, we think.

    Now please pass this on to the person with nails of the brightest pink!


    Beth will be a gorgeous bride and Mark will look good too!

    The winner of the centerpiece is the guest to the right of you!

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    My daughter-in-law is a "foodie", so we had a "name the spice" challenge.  We put a dozen or so different spices into zipped baggies.  Some were fairly easy, like cinnamon, but others were very different or unusual.  We did have a word bank for guests to use, but included more names than there were spices.  

    We played a "Price is Right" game at my daughters shower.  Her theme was pink and zebra stripes.  We searched everywhere for anything and everything that was either pink, zebra striped, or a combination.  Items ranged from inexpensive strawberry cake mix (pink) to a zebra printed frame, and many items in between.  The person that came closest to the price of the item, won the item.  That was a lot of fun and became very competitive.  We did something similar with my daughter-in-law, but her items revolved around themes of shoes and chocolate.
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    Not really a game per se, but at FSIL's shower when she opened each gift, the person who gave that gift shared her favorite memory about her and the bride. It was really sweet and everyone enjoyed it.
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    My absolute favorite bridal shower game is the one where the guests split into two teams, then have two minutes to make a wedding gown on one person in their team out of toilet paper.  
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: XP Your Favorite Bridal Shower Games Posts/Ideas (NER)</a>:
    [QUOTE]My absolute favorite bridal shower game is the one where the guests split into two teams, then have two minutes to make a wedding gown on one person in their team out of toilet paper.  
    Posted by dtbluv[/QUOTE]
    This was my favorite, too.
    The older ladies got way too into it, it was so funny! One of them even knew how to construct a bouquet of toilet paper flowers lol.

    I was at another shower that was much bigger, so some of the games really wouldn't have worked out so well. We played bridal shower gift bingo, though, and it actually worked as an ice breaker for some of us.
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    Maggie0829Maggie0829 member
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    I absolutely despise bridal shower games but if a game is really necessary then the only one I would ever suggest is hte bridal shower bingo.  It is easy, you really don't have to explain it and it will keep the guests interested in all the gifts being open.  I would suggest that you extend the bingo game to more then one winner.  The one who gets the first bingo gets the biggest gift, the second person gets the medium gift, the third person gets the smallest gift.  I say this because when the bride has a lot of presents to open someone always gets a bingo early and then your guests have to sit there for another hour watching hte bride to be open presents which aren't all that interesting.

    As you can tell I am not a big shower person and would rather have a nice dinner at a restaurant with a few guests then a big blow out shower that is so by the book.

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    I'm with Maggie. My favorite shower game is the game gave where the bride opens her gifts really fast :) in all seriousness, if you must have a game, make it ten minutes and be done with it. 
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    I'm not big on games that embarrass people (i.e. How much string fits around the pregnant lady's belly? Or LOL you're wearing a dress made from toilet paper!) 

    I went to a shower where we were split into teams and given a few cans of playdough to make the ugliest BM dress we could. That was sort of fun. 

    I don't mind the purse scavenger hunts. 

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    StephJean83StephJean83 member
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    I went to a bridal shower and they played, "What's in Your Purse" and had things like cell phone, cash, credit/debit card to condoms, extra pair of panties to baby food and various other things. The MOH(bride's sister) had stack their grandma's purse with items like a pair of really skimpy thongs, "Ribbed for Her Pleasure" Trojans and what not just to see their aunts faces when she pulled them out(Grandma was in on it).

    I like Lia's idea of asking the bride and groom questions prior and having guests guess who said it. We did something similar at a friends shower. I had asked the groom questions about the bride, than we had everyone answer the same questions, and then we asked the bride the questions and when she answered, we read the grooms reply and the guest with the most answers right won.
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    At my shower we played a version of "The Newlywed Game" 

    Since my shower was small-ish and no one was really into games, my aunt had called my FI the night before and asked him a bunch of questions and gotten him to answer them. Then at my shower, they had me try to answer the same questions or else try to guess what he would have answered. It was fun for me, fun for everyone else because they didn't have to play, and a laugh because the questions were funny. 
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    I'm with some of the others who hate bridal shower games.  Sometimes they're fun when actually being played, but I always kind of dread them.  Anyway, bingo is fine.  I also don't mind the ones that center around the bride, like the bride having to take a drink every time she says the groom's name (my aunt did this at her shower and requested a big glass of water by her so that she wouldn't get tipsy in front of the older ladies).  This can be altered by giving each guest a few clothespins that they have to give up to anyone who catches them saying a keyword like "wedding."

    Another one I saw was where the MOH had asked the groom a list of questions prior to the shower.  The bride had to add a piece of gum into her mouth for every answer she got wrong.

    I find this one kind of funny, but ONLY if you know the bride will be cool with it and there are no guests in attendance that she'd be embarrassed to have hear it (like her grandmother or FMIL): record everything the bride says as she opens the gifts and then read it back as "What Bride will say to Groom on their wedding night."  It's usually just a bunch of "Thank yous" and "I can't wait to use this" but sometimes you get some gems ("an apple for the teacher!").  It would be funny for a close friends only shower.  It was done at my aunt's shower and she had plenty of older ladies there who found it hilarious, but I wouldn't take that risk myself.
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    cwaggoner07cwaggoner07 member
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    I love bingo, ESPECIALLY for couples showers. A friend and I threw a couples baby shower for our entire group of friends, and without the bingo game I think the boys would have overall been bored to tears.
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    I made the bingo board for a baby shower I helped host, and it was great fun!  At my showers, they did one where they asked me questions and guests had to guess my response (not that fun), a word game where you use the letters in wedding cake to make other words (hosted by teachers!), similar to the spice game only with all baking things (i.e. flour, baking soda, sugar, cake mix was the tough one!), and we did the toilet paper gown one and it was a hoot!

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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    The bride's sister had a shower when she got married last year with games and she, WP, and family are into the games so I appreciate the ideas!
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