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Another question about gift ettiquette

This one pertains to a present-day situation haha!

Husband and I got married (woohoo!) on Dec. 18th. We did have several guests who didn't bring a card or a gift. I plan on sending thank-you notes to them for coming (I loved getting to see them!), but should I send them out with all the other thank-you notes, or wait a little longer in case a gift is in the mail sort-of-thing? 

I'm thinking send them out with the other thank-you notes, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks!
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Re: Another question about gift ettiquette

  • Send with the other TY notes.  If they send a gift later, you can send a second note. 
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  • Thanks! Now for one more question...

    If we received a wedding gift before the wedding for which I've already sent a thank-you note before the wedding, if they gave a card at the wedding (no money or anything), do I need to send another thank-you note for the card and attendance?
    Married December 18th, 2010 :)
  • Personally, I would send another card saying how glad you were to see them and mention something you guys talked about, then thank them again for the gift.  Like

    Dear Aunt Margaret and Uncle Tom,
    It was so nice to see you at our wedding!  We're so glad you could come and be a part of it.  Also, congratulations on your new house!  We're both very excited for you and can't wait to see it.

    We  also wanted to thank you again for the new toaster oven.  It makes delicious toast and looks beautiful on our kitchen counter.  I even used it to make berry cobbler last night!

    Thanks agin, we look forward to seeing you at your housewarming party!

    Love, Steph and Mr Steph
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