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XP addressing invites to couples with small children

Hello all! So I'm addressing my wedding invites. I'm using pocket folds so I'm not going to have inner envelopes. That being said, how do you think I should address an invite to a couple with an infant child or toddler? I have several of these situations. We are having kids of all ages at our wedding so I want the couple to know that their child is welcome, but it seems a little silly to put:
 "Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Doe
Mr. Jack Doe
for a child that is so young. I can't decide if I should go with this or put "The Doe Family", or just omit the child's name and put only the names of the parents. Thoughts? Ideas?
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Re: XP addressing invites to couples with small children

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    It's not silly to use their names! "The Doe Family" could mean them, and their cousins, and their grandmama.
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    definitely include the kids' names! If you omit it entirely you're, in fact, telling them the kids are NOT invited.  And PP pointed out why 'family' can cause problems.

    I presume it's the formality of 'mr' for a baby that you're having trouble with.  Is your wedding very formal?  If not I would omit the children's "miss / mr"  If it is than what you wrote is totally correct and you just need to get over the awkwardness
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    If it isn't formal don't use Mr. baby so and so.  Just use their name.  If it is formal, I would use Mr. I wouldn't put and family, too many interpretations for that one.


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