do readers have to be at the rehearsal?

I've been thinking a lot about our rehearsal and I'm wondering exactly who needs to be there....

a little background: We are having a semi-destination wedding (2 states away from most peoples homes) and most people who will be attending the wedding will be staying overnight the night after the wedding.

Is it fair to ask someone to come to the rehearsal and therefore spend another $150 for the extra night at the hotel? Would people feel left out if we didn't ask them to come to the rehearsal but just gave them a brief description on when they would need to stand up and read. All readers are Catholic and are knowledgeable in terms of how a Catholic wedding ceremony goes....also the Priest can announce something like "now so and so will do a reading from the old testament"

I'd just hate to think that people would be regretful in agreeing to read if it meant that they had to shell out more money to stay another night.

My Mom thinks that the readers don't need to be at the rehearsal and I'm just not sure....
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