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Invite Photog/Coordinator to shower?

My Future MIL is giving me a shower and asked for an invite list.  Should I invite my photographer and my coordinator???

Re: Invite Photog/Coordinator to shower?

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    If the only relationship you have with them is professional, then I wouldn't invite them.  If they're also friends or relatives of you and your FI, then I might.
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    No, you don't typically invite your vendors to showers
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    Definitely don't invite your vendors to an event that requires them to give you a gift (like a shower).  A shower should be those nearest and dearest to you, not someone you're just paying to perform a service.
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    Unless you are hiring them for the event or are friends with them and would have invited them to the wedding even if you weren't hiring them, don't invite them.
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    Thanks ladies

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