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I have a question about asking my bridesmaids. We are planning on having 3 or 4 on each side of our wedding party. My best friend and sister already know they are bridesmaids although I haven't "officially" asked and I haven't asked one of them to be my maid of honor yet. I have another friend I'd like to ask, and if my fiance is having 4, I'd like another as well (I know an uneven party is fine, but I really want it to be even!). I just don't want the last bridesmaid to feel like she's an afterthought or anything, I suck at making decisions!

I want to "officially" ask the three I've already chosen soon. I think now is a good time because there is plenty of planning time, but it's not like it's years away. So, what do you think? Should I ask these three now or wait until I decide on a fourth so she doesn't feel left out?

ETA: I should probably also mention that so far, none of them really know each other. The others I'm considering might know one of the BMs, but not that well.
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