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It gets better and better...

I've always known that my fiance's portion of the guest list would be huge. His family is massive, for one thing. The list FMIL came up with exceeds the TOTAL number of guests my parents have budgeted for. Yikes. I've told him before that I don't care how many are on their list, our venue is flexible. But our budget is not and my parents have been kind enough to offer to pay for our reception up to 150 people.
Here's the NEW problem: when we were talking to FI's parents this weekend, they suggested that HE should foot the bill for their extra guests. He's a big boy, and if he wants to do that then I won't stop him, but if he made the list according to who is most important to him, he'd be under 100. There are co-workers and friends of his parents on there who he has never met...why should he pay for them? Am I being crazy here or does he need to tell his parents no?


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