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Opening Gifts?

My wedding is this coming Saturday, and I have one quick question before then.  I had not been to a wedding in about eight years until this year when a friend of mine got married.  Her and her husband took time during the reception to open there wedding gifts in front of everyone.  Honestly I had never seen anyone do this.  Guest got tired of watching and left, before anything beside dinner had happened.  I was very confused.  Is this something I should be doing at my wedding?  I don't like the idea of it, but I thought maybe it was something I am supposed to do now, as honestly I haven't been to a wedding since I was  a child.  My mother, had also never heard of this, but I wanted to ask before we didn't do it.  Thanks so much :)

Re: Opening Gifts?

  • Thanks everyone for your input.  We won't be opening gifts at the reception, I agree guest are not there to watch us open gifts.  :)  I was just a little confused due to the last wedding I went to. 
    Thanks to everyone :)
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    [QUOTE]PLEASE don't do this. (<strong>I mean, unless you live in Australia...</strong>) I love picking out gifts for people and writing cute things inside the card, but unless the wedding consists of 10 people... I don't want to watch you open gifts for 2 hours - I came to paaaaarty!
    <p>Posted by Milsey32[/QUOTE]</p><p>Haha, don't do it if you live in Australia, either! It's a very outdated tradition. I've never seen it done (well, bar my aunt's wedding when I was about 8). My mother insisted it should be done (and actually cried and told me that my wedding "wasn't like a wedding at all". She was clearly wearing her crazy pants that day), but I find the whole concept rude, laden with expectation and awkward for guests.</p>
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