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Ugh. Can I vent?

H and I are supposed to be leaving for Mexico at 6:50 tomorrow morning. H was in Norfolk, VA for work all week and his flight from Norfolk to DC was delayed, and he missed his flight from DC back to Columbus.  They put him on a 10:05 flight, getting in at 11:20 - and we have to leave our house by 5 in the morning!

He looked into renting a car but it was over $300 and he didn't think he'd get reimbursed, so we've put all our faith in his 10:00 flight not being cancelled.  If it does get cancelled we're kinda screwed, and he won't make our early morning flight, and he will have to pay for another ticket (and probably not get reimbursed for that either).  We bought our tickets through and they're not refundable or transferable. 

UGH!  There's no reason to think this flight won't leave, but this is the 3rd time he's flown United to/from Norfolk, and this is the third time he's had major delays on the way back.

OK.  /rant.  Anyone care to distract me from pitying myself?

Re: Ugh. Can I vent?

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