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Bridal Shower Thank Yous

This may be a silly question, but I started to wonder when I received cards from family and friends with only the female attendee.  I.e. my mother-in-law signed her card with only her name - not her and my future-father-in-law.  Some people addressed cards/gifts to only me, or me and my fiance.  Regardless, I started to wonder what's the proper way to sign a thank you card?  With my name alone, or myself and my fiance?


Re: Bridal Shower Thank Yous

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    If you're writing the Thank You, you should just sign if from yourself.  Especially if the bridal shower was just for you and not a coupled shower with your FI and ppl's SOs. 
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    Sign it with your name only. If you write the card, you sign the card. It is a nice touch to perhaps mention your FI - "FI and I can't wait to use X!"
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    i want to say that the gift is from both of them, and you are both thankful for it.

    EDIT: but you're the one who wrote the card. so mention that "FI and I can't wait to use the crock-pot" or "We're so excited about our new wine glasses!" but you're the only one who signs it.
    does that make sense?
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    Since the bridal shower is specifically for the bride, I would just sign your name.
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    Thanks all, MelissaAnne I like your idea of throwing him in, but not signing his name, solves my dilemma! :)
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