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wedding shower for a destination wedding?

So a good friend of mine, who was a bridesmaid in my wedding 2 years ago is getting married in december. I had lunch with her this weekend and discussed her wedding plans she is having a destination wedding in jamaica and can only have 10 guests per resort policy. She went on to tell me about the 2 bridal showers she was planning for herself! I understand its pretty tacky to throw your own showers, but I don't think its completely unacceptable, I do think inviting a ton of people to these showers that I know won't be coming to the wedding is however. She is a nice person and a good friend but can be very selfish at times she even expressed to me it was all about the gifts. She has asked me for help planning them (I am not invited to the wedding) so I am wondering if I should say something to her about this to save her from other people getting mad about it as well or just leave it alone and hope her family says something? She is planning a reception at home after the wedding so I think the shower may be a bit much anyway. Thanks for the advice!
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