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No Inner Envelope included in package

Hi Guys,

I was wondering what you all would do in this situation. We bought some invitations by Gartner, that we liked to print out ourselves. They're simple, but classic.

Anyways, I was working on the templates to print them out at home and realized they don't have an inner envelope (they do have a little jacket though). We have a lot of families that we're inviting, and I've heard that you need the inner envelope to specify who exactly is invited (Mrs. and Mr John Smith, Miss Susie Smith, etc).

But these envelopes are weird sizes and I can't seem to find and envelope that would work. Would you just use the envelope that was included in the package and put everyones name on it?

We have to send out a some of our invites out ASAP for our international guests (basically my whole family). I've gotten several calls from them that apparently the consulates don't consider a Save the Date adequate proof of intention to grant a Visa to visit the US, but they will allow a formal invitation as proof.

So now I have to figure out what to do for these guests since this is time sensitive (they need to get their visas at least 7 months before they'll be travelling here, which is the end of this month). Most of them have already tried to get their visas, but were told that they need the invite and are trying to reschedule everything in time and I don't know what to do to make it easier for them and feel bad that they have to deal with this.


Thanks bunches!

Here's a pic of the invites from their website:


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