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My kid only at the wedding?!

So I want to do an adult only wedding, but at the same time have my daughter be the only kid there.  Does that seem so wrong?  I've never been married (not even to her dad).  My daughter is 6 and will be almost 7 at the time of the wedding.  She is so excited to be the flower girl, and she's used to being the only kid in my family anyway, and she'll be the only kid in my in-law's family as well.  we're keeping the wedding small, only immediate family and close friends we see/talk to almost everyday.  

Re: My kid only at the wedding?!

  • That's fine.  Exceptions are usually made for children in the wedding party or children of the couple.

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  • I don't see a problem with it. Will she get bored being the only kid there? 

    We're doing no kids. The only person under 24 will be my 13 year old sister, who is a bridesmaid. Even the FG/RB won't be at the reception, as their mom (my BFF/MOH) would prefer they go home with a sitter. 

    We chose no kids for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason being the added cost of how many kids we'd have to invite, followed by the fact our venue isn't really suitable for kids.
  • I think your own kid is definitely a valid exception.
  • That's perfectly acceptable as she's your daughter AND in the wedding party.  Our one exception to the no one under 18 choice we've made is FI's nephew, who we're making ring bearer to be dead certain no one complains. 
  • OF course it's ok to have your own daughter there!
  • Why would she not be considered immediate family?
    Of course she should be there!
  • Well i just didn't know if people might pitch a fit that their kid couldn't come.  Brielle is friends with almost all of my friends kids.  But I don't want all these kids running around.  Brielle is very well behaved, while most of her friends aren't.  Plus the fact that it'll cost more with the added people, and since I am paying for my own wedding, I can't afford it :-/
  • Don't sweat it; politely note that it's wedding party only for kids.  People might get irked, but most get over it.
  • That's perfectly fine, just make sure you're clear that it's an "adults only" wedding, you shouldn't have to explain why your own daughter is there, it's your daughter! 
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