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I am completely stumped on how to word my invitations. My dad is paying for the majority of the wedding. My mom is paying for my dress. My fiance's dad is paying for the bar tab. My fiance's mom is just giving us cash. Tough part is that my parents are divorced...but my mom kept the same last name as my dad. So if I were to word it "Mr. and Mrs. Kothera...." that could either mean my stepmom & dad..or my actual mom & dad. I know my stepmom is not giving any of her money to fund my I don't really want people to think that she helped pay when it was really all my dads money!
As you can see..I really am stumped.
Thanks in advanced for any advice! Smile

We went putt putting on the ship the day after we became that is why there is a pink golf ball in his hand! :)
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