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Transitioning to..the Bump

Yeap, we've only been married 13 days and I'm already moving to "the bump".  We just found out 3 days ago.  For those of you that are my friends on Facebook please SSHHH. I'm not making it "public" just yet.  Just here  :o)We are very happy, but a little scared too because we've had bad experiences before (no need to go into details). So we are hoping and praying for this one to be the one. It really surprised us, we talked about it and had agreed on waiting until next year but I guess God had other plans for us and we are very happy about it.  Now I just need to eat well and take care of myself.  I can't believe so much excitement in just few weeks. The honeymoon is not even over yet.  :o)

Re: Transitioning to..the Bump

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