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Is this bag fug?


Re: Is this bag fug?

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    If you have a TJ maxx or Marshalls near you, go there.  They have a lot of nice quality purses.  Especially NineWest.  They have oodles of NineWest.  You can get a bag there for the same price as what you would pay at Target or someplace cheap, but it is a far, far superior quality.   I think Target bags LOOK cheap.  Yuck. 


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    I'm confused- are you guys using the terms 'bag' and 'purse' interchangeably?
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    (damn you and your American! ;P)
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    edited January 2010
    Ricks, it sounds like you are looking for a transition from backpack for school to purse + thing to hold papers and books. At least that's how your first couple posted bags struck me. I did the same transition thing when I started grad school, so I could run between classes and work and just have one cute briefcase-like thing for all my files/papers.

    You could also have a much smaller, clutch-size bag to throw in there that could hold your ID, cash, lip gloss etc. That way you could just grab that and go if you're just running an errand and don't want to lug around the big bag. Though I love big bags, so there's nothing wrong with that. :)

    Edit: Oh, and ditto Nine West. I love their stuff and it's usually under $100. I'd rather spend less on one bag and be able to get more new bags.

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