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How to incorporate/honor our Dad's in the ceremony

During the ceremony, I plan on giving my mom and my MIL a flower from my bouquet at the end of my walk down the aisle before I stand with my husband-to-be.But now I am looking for a way to honor my dad and my FIL. I'm sure they don't want to sit there with a flower like the girls, and they will already have boutonnieres anyway.I was thinking having our dad's play the part in the unity candle instead of the mom's... but we are still on the fence of whether or not to do a unity candle [[still looking around for other ideas with the same meaning besides this and the "sand ceremony"]]. Besides, it's an outdoor wedding.We are having a non-religious ceremony, so there will be no religious readings that we can ask them to do.How are you incorporating your parents, and other family members, in your ceremony??

Re: How to incorporate/honor our Dad's in the ceremony

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    At our son's wedding, my DH did one of the readings.   (Dy DIL's dad had passed away, or he probably would have done the other).  Could you do that?As for your last question:  remember that as brides we seem to get caught up in trying to "include" everyone in our ceremony.  Just being a guest IS being included.   You don't need to make up jobs for people just to "include" them.
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    Is your dad walking you down the aisle?  That might be the way for him.  And this is why so many grooms here in the South ask their Dads to be their best man, so they can stand with their son (the groom) at the altar.  Also, you may want to ask THEM.  If their anything like my DH, they just want to come in, sit down, and observe. 
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