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I'm going dress shopping soon :) How many stores would you recommend visiting in one day? One or two? How long should I expect to spend in one shop if I schedule two appointments in one day?
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Re: wedding dress shopping

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    Hmmm I guess that depends on travel time and how big each store is. Sometimes I would spend literally a few minutes in a store and know there was nothing I was interested in, other times I could be there for awhile. Certainly, if you're putting the whole day aside for shopping, I'd make at least two appointments. I'd also probably go and wander into a few other stores after you've got an idea of what looks good so that you can see if there's anything you want to try at the others. 
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    I wouldn't go to more than two or three in a day, just because you don't want to get to the point where all the dresses start to look the same and you get fed up with shopping.
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    I'd go with one. MAYBE two. It will be hard to remember things at the end of the day if you do too much. Plus, for me, putting huge dresses over my head over and over wasn't really THAT fun. Seeing them on me was, but not the trying on process. I hate messing up my hair.

    If you do two, I'd do one in the morning, then one in the afternoon. That way you can have a lunch break. You can take 15 minutes for lunch or 1.5 hours, depending on how quickly you get done in the morning. Plan to spend no less than 1-2 hours at each place.
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    Thanks, I think I'll do two. Hopefully it's a fun experience and not an "I feel fat in these sample sizes" experience. Undecided
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    I think 2 would be sufficient.  It can get pretty tiring, and sometimes the more dresses you look at, the harder it is to decide. 

    How long for each shop depends on how many dresses you try on.  Allow at least 10-15 minutes per dress, it takes a little while to wrangle in an out of the dress, get it fastened, and get a good look in the mirrors.  Maybe an hour or two per shop?

    It might help to narrow down your top 3 choices at each shop, and make a note of the dresses (maker and style #), and if they will let you, take a picture of yourself in the dress for future reference.  (Many stores won't let you take pictures, to keep you from copying their designs, or getting the dress elsewhere cheaper).

    I would suggest you try on several different styles, such as your favorite of each style (strapless ballgown, mermaid, empire waist, wrap front v-neck, column, etc...), to see what styles look good on you.

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    I only went shopping one day and I went to 3 places.  I had appointments at 4 but I found my dress at the 3rd place so I got to cancel the 4th.  I really didn't find it all that exhausting, but maybe that's just me. 
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    I was a David's Bridal bride.  One store, one day--12 dresses.  We had that plan though.
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    I'm with the PP's. I'd maybe do one or two in a day. It can get overwhelming and confusing when you try on too many. I do advise taking pictures if they let you. It helps you after all the dress excitement is over. You can really look at what you like then.
    Have a lot of fun, and don't get frustrated if you don't find your dress the first day. And also, DO NOT try on anything out of your budget. It's just a bad idea.
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