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I just saw your post on the HM and didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. Plus, I sometimes forget to go back after I write things on that board.
Like I said in that review, Hotel Morreno was nice and the room was seriously huge and the price was awesome! They are currently building a theater for tango shows there, too. I wonder if it will be any good. H and I really enjoyed staying there (and Hotel Mine, too) and we talk about South America all the time now.
Which brings me to my question: I think you mentioned you met your H while studying abroad? What made you pick Chile? Did you encounter many Americans while studying there? I'm asking because at my school people picked Mexico, Spain and Costa Rica.
Oh. I forgot to mention how cute you and your H were on TV! My H goes "wait, you know that girl?" Then I had to awkwardly explain, "well, I know her from Knotting...". After I explained some more, he said, "Oh! Well why didn't we meet her?" Haha
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