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When is it acceptable, or appropriate to send a Group invite, or is it ever??

I Grew up in another state (TN) and still have family there.  My parents visit there often and my mom is still aquainted with several women from the church that we as a family used to attend.  Although I myself dont really see or talk to any of them, my parents were just visiting this past week and they all asked about how I was doing..... my mom mentioned that I was engaged and they were all so excited.... My mom said that several of the ladies even asked if or where I was registered.  My mom thinks that I should send them all an invitation even though they MOST LIKELY would not attend the showers/wedding/reception.... This may sound horrible, but I dont even want to send them anything due to the fact that I dont want them to feel like Im just fishing for gifts.... I havent seen any of these women in 5-7 years....  Anyway, They have a group at the church called "Women's Ministries" and I was thinking if I sent them one at all I could just send 1 to the entire group as to not leave ANYONE out.... My mom however feels I should send one to each person individually..... Thoughts??? Should I send an invitation to pacify my mom, since it is doubtful any of them will make a 12 hour trip to OHIO??? And if yes, do I send them ALL a GROUP invitation to cut back on costs and also not leave anyone out?? Or do I send individual invites??? PLEASE HELP!!! Undecided
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