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S/O (ish) of Penn discussion: When it's a student not a coach

So last winter at the high school I went to, some boys (juniors at the time, now seniors) on the wrestling team had sexually harassed a special needs student in the locker room.  They were slapping him with towels, chasing him and putting their, um, private parts on him.  He was obviously horrified and more than one student who witnessed it reported it (go students!)

Those kids got in HUGE trouble, especially from the community.  Sexual harassment charges were filed against them and they're awaiting trial.  They were kicked out of a few wrestling meets, and further punishment was going to wait until after the trial to see how they would be charged and if further punishment would be necessary.

Well, the trial was set for after regular football season because they are also football players.  Since we made it to the playoffs, that trial was pushed back, out of fear they would be banned from sports after the trial.  The two top scorers on our football team are two of these kids (third top is my little brother, yeahh! he was uninvolved with all this mess, thank God).  So obviously, if they were banned from sports, the team would probably be screwed.

The community is so divided about them pushing back the trial.  A lot of people think it's ridiculous that these boys are being taught that punishment can be put back just as long as they are contributing to their sport.  The other side of the coin is how much they have helped the team along.  Why punish the rest of the team for the actions of a few of them?  My brother is a great football player and going to state will get him seen by scouts of the school he wants to go to.  If these kids hadn't been there to help the team along, then state probably wouldn't even be a possibility.

The teacher in me wants these boys to feel the consequences of their actions and then some, and them knowing how much they let the team down should be part of those consequences.  However, the big sister in me thinks it would be very unfair to pull some of the key players of a team that has worked their butts off together for the past 3 years, because it just punishes the other players (including my brother) who have worked equally hard.  There's a difference between letting a team down and actually affecting the futures of its members.

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