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Emily M - come out come out!

Thomas told me you post on here and yes I know I have probably been staring at a siggy picture of you and didn't even notice, but I had no idea! Congrats on being engaged!!! I can't believe how  many Chapel Hill girls are tying the knot all of a sudden! Yay for old married ladies =)

Re: Emily M - come out come out!

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    Hey Jess! I had the siggy pic up for a little while and accidentaly erased it when I was updating my RSVP count! Thank you so much for the congrats and you too! I saw Thomas at my Bach party on Saturday. I also saw two other CH girls that are engaged. So four engaged CHHS/ECHHS people all at the same bar at the same time! I guess that it's that time! I would really love to have a GTG soon. I'm newly unemployed (or on badly paid vacation, however you want to look at it....) so I've got lots of time. Some knottie therapy would be nice. That goes for everyone, not just Jess!
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    He told me he saw you! I was in NYC for the weekend with two of my bridesmaids. Whoop whoop! I saw Billy Pallerido (sp?) last night at Brixx and she is engaged too!I would definitely be down for a little get together. None of my girlfriends are engaged or really anywhere close to it, so it's always nice to catch up with someone else who at least mildly cares about my flower/dress/cake/tux babble =)Sorry you are unemployed! I've been there briefly - it's not as fun as it sounds. Are you living in Chapel Hill? E-mail me if you want to get together so we can exchange phone numbers. jschonberg at gmail dot com. And also sign up for the 5k!!!
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