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How do I NOT piss off a Bridezilla?

So here's the situation... my cousin is a true bridezilla. She got mad when I got engaged, she got mad because my sister got pregnant before her wedding... she got mad because my sister's baby shower is a week before her bridal shower because we did not give her a "2 week buffer, so that the attention is fully on me!".
So, here's the problem: I got an amazing new job that starts the week of her bridal shower. Not only is she already mad that we planned my sister's baby shower the week prior, but now I find out that I may not be able to help her with hers, much less even attend due to a training class set up for that day! :( I'm feeling really bad, and I know I'm going to get an ear full of tears and anger over this. How do I go about telling her without a huge deal being made out of it?

Thanks :)
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