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I could use your help!

Here are the following people that I need to put on the stage/head table area in order to save room and not to P.O. people off so they don't ruin the day for me.

Matron of Honor (my sister)
My sister's husband
Their baby (will be 10 months)
The Pastor
Pastor's Wife
My Grandma
His Dad
His Step - Mom
His newphew that his dad and step-mom raised
His Mom
His step-dad
The twin brothers that his mom and step-dad have together
his step-brother
his step-brother's girlfriend
his step-brother and girlfriends baby
his other step-brother
his step-brother's wife
The best man
the best man's girlfriend
His grandma
His other grandma
His step-grandma
His grandpa

Again, room is the big key and don't get on my case about getting a bigger venue. My fiance wanted the wedding and reception there.

Re: I could use your help!

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    What is your question?
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    I would have a sweetheart table and have everyone else sit at normal tables. The idea of this many people at a head table is honesty absurd.
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    Yeah what is your question? That is a ridiculous amount of people at one table. If you're venue can't accommodate it or make it work then Well that sucks but it is what it is. Why not do a sweetheart table and just sit everyone else among guests?
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    I also don't really see a question here.

    BUT you could avoid all this hassle by having a sweetheart table or by saying that you are only having wedding party members and their SOs at the table.  There is no need to have all 25 people you mentioned at the head table.  Split them up into the appropriate tables and call it a day.
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    Can you do a king's table so there are people down both sides? That's 12/side and you and your H at the head.
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    Her question is a few posts down under "Really?!"
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    Thanks for your help, I figured something out and it should work. My future mother-in-law just send my a nasty facebook message this morning from me asking her a question last night via text. I'm to the point where I just only want her to show up for rehearsal dinner. We were offering to pay for his twin brother's tuxs but how she is treating us I'm thinking about saying no, but it's not right for his brothers.

    People can't grow up for one day, it makes it very hard on my side to do things when she is giving me such a hard time.

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    Grizzly, stop dealing with your FMIL.  Have your FI deal with her.  He should be the one that responds to any inquiries from her and any questions you have for her, should be from FI.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:ae524fc6-dba3-4159-805f-729a51efecafPost:c3f371d9-0e19-4e0a-8fea-6f6df7243202">Re: I could use your help!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Grizzly, stop dealing with your FMIL.  Have your FI deal with her.  He should be the one that responds to any inquiries from her and any questions you have for her, should be from FI.
    Posted by OliveOilsMom[/QUOTE]

    Well he really doesnt. They get in a big fight, don't talk for a few months, then they start talking again and all of this comes back up. He tells me to ignore it but its getting really old.
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