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inviting long time friend

hello ladies,
   My wedding is held at a venue which has created a package just for FI and I. Due to our budget. One of the stiplualtions of this package is only having 33 guests (children included, of course not infants)
  I have a friend of mine who wants to attend the wedding and I explained to her about the tight guest list, she understood of course. At this point in time we have been doing a rough draft, there may be room for her. The problem being she has a young son and a boyfriend (who is a friend of mine and FI) who has been around for a few years now... Long term BF.
    If I am able to invite her she will have to decide to bring her son or her bf. So my thought is do I invite her and let her know this? or not invite her at all? Which is worse I guess is my question?
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