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My mom said, "Well, to be sure, ask your wedding friends."


Re: My mom said, "Well, to be sure, ask your wedding friends."

  • I sent mine somewhere around 8 weeks. Maybe 7. You're fine.

    OWN, I love your new sig pic. You both look so happy!

  • I think we sent ours out around 8 weeks.  And, my mother went BSC starting at about 8 months out.  Unfortunately for everyone involved, she still doesn't quite have it back together yet.
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  • Yes, mine are half adressed and sitting on my desk, so you aren't the only one. I plan on sending mine sometime next week, but my mother is telling me its too early. She wants them sent out September 1st.

    My mother has also slid completely off the rails too, so I understand.
  • ohhhhh crap. I definitely sent mine out at the 3month mark... I swear I read that somewhere... or maybe I was just too antsy. Maybe that's why the RSVPs are dragging in. I hope I'm not in huuugee trouble 2wks out calling everyone... :-/
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  • Funny enough.  Mom has been great (suprising), dad has lost his mind.  He even stopped talking to me for 4 months of our 9 month engagement!!!!  And I am still not sure why!
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  • It's totally fine. We sent ours out 7 weeks beforehand (you can talk to my H about why that happened seeing as they were his responsibility! haha), and everyone we expected to come, came. Except for one friend who inconveniently had a baby the week before, but we forgave her.
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