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We went to the MW in southpark...only because at the time we did not realize that there was one so close to where we live (Northlake). Anyway, if you have not already gotten everything taken care of there, you should def. try the one in SP. They were super nice and very helpful...but we did not do tuxes. We opted for all the guys to wear suites. The tux lady actually came over to us and helped us. We had like four people helping us. NOW, it could have been because we were the only cutomers in there....hehehehe....but they were really nice. Just thought I would let you know...just incase you wanted to try a different location.

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    To jump onto this, we went to the location in Pineville (the stand alone store not the one inside the mall) & the woman who helped us was really nice. She was probably about our age & pointed out the positives and negatives about the 2 different tux styles we were considering. I imagine that the South Park location would be even more helpful, just because everyone in that area seems to be more devoted to customer service. Sometimes, it really does pay to shop where the rich people shop :)
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    I didnt even THINK about doing that... I might just go down there and talk to them, and make sure that what we picked out is going to be decent and will hold-up, I just felt like we had NO guidance. :(  Plus I can con FI into taking me to Cheesecake factory at southpark ;)  THANKS!!
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