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Clarification on shower guests & wedding guests

SIL is having my shower at her house next week. Her DH's 19 year old niece spends a lot of time with them & at their house. If SIL has her there that weekend, or if she's there to help SIL w/her kids, does that obligate me to invite her to the wedding? I did not have her name on the address/guest list I gave to SIL if that's a factor at all.
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Re: Clarification on shower guests & wedding guests

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    Would she be attending the shower as a guest? If so she needs to be invited to the wedding. 

    If she's there b/c she happened to be hanging out at their house with her uncle and dropped in on the festivities then you don't need to invite her. 
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    nah...sounds like she is more of a babysitter there with the kids...I wouldn't worry about it
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    I don't think so.  You did not include her on your guest list for SIL and she is often there anyway. It doesn't appear that she is being invited to your shower.
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    Right.  Thanks girls!
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