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Is it ok to invite someone to an Engagement Party, but not the wedding itself? We are having a small wedding but want to have a gathering for all our friends? What are the rules there?

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    Nope, sorry.  Pre-wedding functions are for guests being invited to the wedding only.  Especially an engagement party.  It would seem awfully awkward and strange to have people celebrating your engagement and talking about your upcoming wedding when they aren't even invited to the wedding.
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    I think anyone who is invited to any pre-wedding parties should be invited to the wedding.
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    yep, im even trying to avoid talking about my upcoming wedding at non wedding related parties where non-guests are there. i dont want anyone to assume theyre invited.

    if you want to party with everyone, consider doing a reception a few weeks after the wedding, to celebrate. (but no gifts)

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    nope, not ok. very rude, in fact. It just makes you look gift grabby.
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    And technically you shouldn't throw your own e-party.  It's something thrown for you but not buy you.

    If you want to throw a party just have one - but don't call it an engagement party.

    And don't have a post-wedding reception for people that weren't invited to the wedding either.  That's also going into the rude territory.
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    No, that is rude.  Your guests would be really offended if they were invited to the party but not the wedding.
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